Nishiki Athletic pants Polyester

With this collection, brand Nishiki will certainly become a household name. This pair of pants really pulls off the athletic pants look. Black is always a great choice for timeless fashion. This item is made of high-quality polyester blend, for magnificent durability. Wear this pair of pants and you're certain to make a splash.


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Pants Nishiki

This pair of pants may just be one of the best items in the Nishiki collection. It really pulls off the pants, tights and legging style. This shirt will give you the freedom and flexibility you need in cyclings. What are you waiting for? This pair of pants can now become yours.


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Pants Canari

This pair of pants is our new BFF. It comes with all the features you need in cyclings: flexibility, durability and breathability. Offering a style that's sharp and dynamic, Canari is the only choice. This item really pulls off the pants, tights and leggings look. This pair of pants is sure to light a spark to your everyday ensemble!


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Last update : 2/6/2018

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