Fashion Heroes, Capsule Wardrobes and Hand Luggage Only Packing

January 26, 2017 | Gilly
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Fact: Travelling for up to a week with only hand luggage is possible. I have been paid to pack for people, so I’m really quite good at it.
I have a friend who irons then packs every item with white tissue paper and then carries a travel iron to press everything at the other end. She also takes exactly 1.45 hours to get ready in the morning, including blow drying her hair & drinking two espressos. She can NOT do hand luggage only.    But WE can!
Consider the climate at each end of your flight...
Can you really wear jeans when you are there? If not, I’m more inclined to wear cashmere tights for the flight, then wash them, ready for your trip back, saving luggage space and weight.  But if you can’t travel without your jeans, wear them on the flight. You can always change into your PJ’s and put them in the overhead stowaway.  Now, double check the hand luggage allowance for your flight and make sure that your bag will fit inside the overhead locker. 

Can you wear all white? Lucky you! If, like me, you tend to get sunscreen, wine, pipi piri shrimp sauce everywhere, or if there are small children involved, base everything around monochrome basics (black and white/navy and cream for instance) and then a couple of colours that contrast and stick to that palette. I’ve gone for primary colours because colour blocking is cool and yellow is red hot this summer! 
everything washable? More important if you are going for a longer trip.

mochi tassels
Now you can compile a capsule wardrobe… This is just my own guide - you should only take things you feel good in and would realistically wear. 
2 x plain black or white tank tops/t-shirts.
1 x black skirt in your most flattering shape - this could be a tube skirt, maxi, jersey pencil skirt, skater skirt…
1 x bright, wild print or block colour t-shirt.
1 x pair of pants that can be worn multiple times - I’ve gone for denim cut offs because I live in them, but this depends where you are going and could be jeans, leather leggings, soft cami shorts, harem pants - it all depends on your style.
1 x pair of pyjamas.
1 x Block colour crew necked cashmere or lightweight wool mix sweater.
1 x great dress Day/ night ready for an impromptu party or date! 2 if you have space.
2 x lightweight blouses or button down shirts - easy to pack, wash and wear with most coordinates.
1 x pair of flat shoes that you can walk around in all day - trainers, espadrilles, sandals, flip flops.
1 x pair of glam shoes - heels if you will have the opportunity to wear them, but if you are staying in a beach hut (lucky you) you will only resent the used space in your bag.
1 x bright bikini - or two if you have space
1 x Bright coloured sarong that can double as a scarf, skirt, dress.
1 x duster jacket or kimono that can be belted and worn as a dress/used as a respectful cover up when sightseeing/dressing gown
1 x large shopper/beach bag - you can usually carry an extra hand luggage bag if your purse is small enough.  
1 x smaller purse or bag for evenings.
1 x loud necklace or crazy earrings that will go with everything.
1 x pair of hoop earrings. A classic, every girl needs a pair.
1 x belt (I’ve gone for a leather Obi) to pull all of the looks together but could be a bright skinny one, a fabric tie or a long jeans belt, up to you!
2 x bras, 8 pairs of knickers - all matching if you are obsessed like me.
1 x Hat.

Capsule Holiday
Pick n mix capsule
Capsule Wardrobe

Now, l
ay it all out on your bed, so that you can see that all of it goes together and can be mixed and matched - you aren’t going to wear it all at once, so don’t stress about a wild card print (like the green palm t shirt). You can wear the PJ’s together, or as separates, the bottoms with the crazy green t shirt tucked in with the obi belt, the duster jacket as a dress or a beach cover up, the white t-shirt under the strappy dress - gosh you are so 2017!! And the grey sweater layered with all of it for the flight and in the evening if you get chilly.

Then, adapted from the uber chic, (once Vogue editor) Joan Didion’s tried and tested packing list (which was Sellotaped into her closet, presumably to prevent her arriving at her destination without her knickers) you should pack your essentials…  

A toiletry bag with:
Shampoo & conditioner
Toothbrush and paste
Basis soap - if you are short on space or luggage allowance, you can forget the shampoo if you go for a good all purpose soap like Marseille that you can use for your face and hair too.  Failing that, I have NEVER, ever been anywhere that doesn’t sell shampoo - conditioner is different, take your own.
Stick deodorant
Prescriptions (if required)
Birth control - because girls should have their own plans
Face cream
Aftersun/ baby or coconut oil

Weigh it all, just for ‘good measure’ - anything you need to put in your beach bag? If you are short on space, a great tip from my sister is to buy your heavier toiletries at the airport after check in, to save on your luggage allowance.

Finally have you got your -
House keys

Now, have a fantastic trip!!
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