How To Style A Slip Dress Now

May 24, 2017 | Gilly
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10 ways to wear a slip dress. Go on, get digging there’s bound to be one in your wardrobe, otherwise grab yourself one now!

I just came back from a short, but sweet trip to the UK. Just enough time to:
A. Sort, condense and streamline my old wardrobe and apartment contents for storage
B. Eat and drink half of my body weight in Italian wine, cheese, lamb and Maltesers with my fantastic folks
C. Pack the other half of my body weight in clothing (new and old) to bring back


During the big sort out, I made 5 piles:
1. Take to Asia
2. Repack for storage
3. Charity shop/gift to someone else
4. Ebay
5. Recycle or trash
Now, even though I have sorted and restyled many a customer's wardrobe in this way (and can be blissfully cutthroat for them) i’m telling you, it’s harder to do my own! The trouble is a combo of sentimental attachment and that most of my clothes and shoes are good, classic pieces that I can 're work... so basically the Repack and the Take to Asia piles were the biggest - but I'm happy with the finished job and eventually, with the help of a 30 kilo luggage allowance, vacuum storage bags and a lot of coconut milk flat white coffees (amazing, you should try them both) I managed to condense 27 boxes down to just 10.  Yesss!


Amongst the 'keepers' I found two slip dresses - one cerise pink silk with a deep navy blue lace hem and the other a vintage black petticoat with a sheer black & white flower trim on the neckline and hem that my BF bought for me in Amsterdam years ago. Two old flames that bring back memories of clubs, and winter parties and seriously, if I don't wear the black one again now, I could be too old to resurrect it when those boxes are opened again, so the plan is to wear them now while I can get away with it, then pass them on.


It’s another lovely 90’s flashback that’s been around for a while, and there's countless photos of Kate Moss for inspiration, but how to work this look again without the ten hole Doc Martens, tiara and fake fur coat i was so fond of before? (afterall, it’s too hot where I live)...

Kate Moss

Kate Moss, The Slip Dress Queen


Well, unless you are going for all out evening glamour, (like Rihannah, Rosie and Kate above) you need to toughen up what is essentially ‘going out in your nightie’, so you can afford to go more chunky or manly with your accessories to balance the look. So a biker jacket, parka or manly blazer works, as can a flatform chunky sandal, boots or a socks and sandals combo - just not all together. The key here is having polished hair and makeup - don't look like you've rolled out of bed and nipped out for a pint of milk and some cookies. Aim to look more like you've been loaned a tuxedo from a chivalrous hero in the chilly moonlight air.  And if you are going for the Glamazon, keep the accessories pared down, so it's all about your bod.


Start with over a t shirt... 

Slip over a t shirt
Over jeans or pants, long or knotted at the hip or waist to make a camisole

Under an oversized sweater or bulky coat

Slip Nili Lotan Camo
Slip Bulky Coat and shirt

With a duster coat (another wardrobe warrior), a denim shirt, army jacket or a big parka a la 90’s Kate Moss
Belted - or tie a grungy shirt around the waist

Slip Zendaya Slip Belted
With a sheer layer, or a big sleeved shirt underneath (just keep the volume at sleeve)
Slip with shirt or sheer layer

Toughened up with leather
Slip Catwalk

Or with hair pulled back, sneakers and red lips (sporty, casual, but sexy, ya get it?)
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