Socks And Sandals Chic

June 01, 2017 | Gilly
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There really isn’t an easier way to say “I’m Fash-ON”  than by putting a pair of socks on right now. That's right, just add a sock and you'll be instantly cool (if a little warmer too). Ease yourself in subtly if you like with a pair of delicate silk sheaths, reminiscent of 1940’s nylons, or just go full pelt and in up to the knees with Argyle or stripes - you pretty much can’t go wrong at the moment and I can guarantee socks and sandals are a conversation starter, so if you are feeling lonely, fling on some ankle socks with your kitten heels and see where the day takes you.
Socks and Platforms


Here's a styling scenario and a phrase I ponder from time to time, which could confuse the uninitiated ear but as it’s extra relevant now, it's worth clearing up...
Stylist “We need a sock”
Client “A sock?”    
Stylist 2 “Yesss, a sock will pull this whole thing together. You are SO right”
Sounds odd right? It doesn't sound grammatically correct because we are speaking in the singular, rather than the plural but that's just how it is. For instance "this neckline just needs an earring" sounds right because we could be speaking of just a single collar bone swishing statement earring, but in terms of style and in exactly the same way as "this dress needs a heel", this outfit needs 'a sock', singular works best.  But don't worry, we will never be speaking of just one sock. Heavens above no, that would be an (in)step too far!   But it does often amuse me as I dress in the morning, or when I cast my mind back to a killer outfit that was just on the edge of nowhere until 'a sock' was introduced (in a moment of genius, cue invisible high fives and congratulatory fist bumps "Hooray, fashion saves the day, the private view and canapes SHALL go ahead!")   
Anyway, I just thought I'd share that fascinating glimpse into London Boutique life. Now let's just look at some great sock and shoe combos shall we?

Socks Street Wear
The Dreslyn
Long and Short
Photo creds: From top left to right,  Calcatines, Stylecaster, The Dreslyn, Pinterest, Sonia Rykiel Stripes and Alexis Mabille with a pretty slip dress and military jacket.

 Socks Front Row

The possibilities are endless - well they end at thigh actually, because otherwise we'd be talking about hose or leggings and then you lose that lovely edgy twist that we are looking for right now, but long, short, plain, sporty, cute, lacy, masculine, there's a fashion sock out there for you which will allow you to be playful, but still look like a grown-up and super woman Miroslava Duma's grey mannish socks and velvet sandals are a perfect example.

Photo creds from top left to right: Tobe Young, No21, Pinterest, Pan and the Dream, Anthropologie, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana (2015), Marchesa, Reem Acra.
 Sock and shoe collage
Socks and Birkenstocks

But do you draw the line at Birkenstocks? Because let’s face it, not everyone can pull off Geeky Shop Keeper Chic like the cutie in the middle here (from Glamradar) but we all want her jacket though don’t we? Well I do, and I’ve found a good cotton one on eBay - it’s a plain old Duster Coat and it’s going to look great with a bit of applique patching on the back... but ahem, I digress) so, like I was saying, not everyone has the guts, or the calves to rock chunky socks and Birkies and personally I prefer to go for a bit of leg lengthening in the form of a platform or pump, like the 1973 February Vogue image (above left) or those Nasty Gal chunkies on the right; but I do love the look on others and you really just have to stick to your own style - and mine is high!

Heavenly Fine Socks
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