Getting Down and Dusty with Coachella Fashion Royalty

April 28, 2017 | Gilly
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Ahhh, Coachella - a ginormous Free People staff party and Instagram Fest, with Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities galore… oh yeah and there’s art and music too! But who’s look did you covet the most and was Vanessa Hudgens your Queen of the Desert?  Of course she looked young and super cute in her little sixties number, but for me, it all came together when the florals came out.
Then she looked pretty majestic and at home in her butterfly throne! She was wearing this show stopping Flower Hour print, silk chiffon dress by Australian designer Camilla Frank and out there in the desert when she was subliminally channeling Kate Bush (world champion dress waver), to show off all of that opulent printed chiffon for her instagram subjects, I have to admit, I gave her a respectful little curtsy.  

Vanessa Hudgens Coachella Throne


 Kate Bush Red Dress

Kate Bush Channeling Wuthering Heights’ Cathy

Prince Jared of Gucci
I’m all for the Gypset, luxey bohemian look, especially with a rock chick ‘I’m with the band’ angle, so personally I would be more than a bit disappointed if Coachella was flower headdress, maxi dress, crop top and fringing free, but come on it’s a festival - in CALIFORNIA… so there was no fear of that, but it was refreshing to see some more maverick celebrity outfits on the first weekend  - hello Ri Ri, phresh off and shining bright like a diamond in her sparkling chainmail catsuit (courtesy of Gucci & Margiela) in fact it was Gucci galore both on stage & off and of course no man gets down in the wind & dust like Jared Leto, in his appliqued, acid wash denim, Donald Duck T-shirt and surgical mask. Yesss.

Coachella Hannah Jared Leto                                                

Then, while Californians were literally tripping over models (and mere mortals) in bralettes and body chains, Taylor Hill sailed through the event in her ‘off duty model’ style with a handful of rock n roll t-shirts (customised to show off those shoulders, or her titchy waist) a touch of leather, then daisy-fresh girly dresses, all pulled together with a smattering of fine gold chains and ‘sensible’ grungy footwear. Look how she just plain ruled in this strappy, flower print dress, her red headscarf & metallic pink sandals. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, girl next door florals and rebellious thigh high splits, to showcase those killer legs - lest we forget she’s an Angel - as if we could.

          Coachella Taylor Hill                                                  

And finally, If you have read my post about my cowboy boots, you will have guessed that I love festivals, but I had to live this one vicariously through Instagram and my absolute favourite account of the first weekend had to be @madmavenstyle  
I just love her style and her commitment to colour. Every outfit is pulled together in such an effortless cool-girl, fashion and then topped off with a pair of her fantastic pop pom earrings. Just joyful! She’s rocking a summer vibe - but in a style which is quite obviously her own and not thrown together solely for Coachella.  

Can’t wait for the next weekend now!

Mamaven Instagram                                                  

Stevie Nicks Impersonation

Stevie Nicks - My Festival Queen forever        
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