The Best Value for Money Sportswear

January 26, 2017 | Gilly
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It’s going fairly well at the gym; I’m still sneaking into work red faced and sweaty (Glowing?) but no one has died yet - except for my old IBIZA t-shirt and capri leggings, so it’s time to get some new gym kit! Now, when the words ‘crop top’ fall into my remit, I’ll gladly splash the cash on some Pedro Lourenco for Nike (because I’ll look just like Karlie Kloss) but for now I’m just on the hunt for the best value for money sportswear that looks good and stands up to the washing machine, that way I can save more of my money for shoes…


Karlie Kloss in Pedro Laurenco for Nike


There are a lot of runway/ sportswear parallels this season, with parachute silk parkas, hole punched airtex and toggle embellishments on the catwalk, but I’m going to concentrate on finding my favourites - Prints & Showing Some Skin - and this is what I found...


OK, so it’s not a discount sports brand, but if you have a little extra cash to splurge, it is worth putting in some effort to find Lululemon bargains online (they really are out there!) Their Wunder Under, second skin pants are unbelievable and their prints (lace, painterly blurrs, paisley…), fabrics and shapes will stand up to your gym-wash-repeat challenge. There’s a line with the technical ‘go faster’ stitching that I like too. Verdict: Investment purchase.


I Heart H&M!

They have it all. Super cool mesh leggings, wet look silky boxers & sleeveless layering vests, cut-out backs and they even have a blurred fluorescent, leopard print combo (look how fast my legs are moving!)  Not sure if the whole range will stand up to the gym, but I’m totally into the pretty dusky pink, with flashes of neon peach, toughened up
with a bit of black and grey. Prices range from $6 - $6



RBX promise ‘athletic apparel at an affordable price’ and prices start at around $8.99 for a tank top. But I particularly love their contoured, aerodynamic shapes, with well positioned, breathable mesh and peekaboo cutouts for slick, style conscious ventilation; Stretch jersey + sheer geometric panels and slits = cool on many levels


They offer very nice colourful kit, including some blurred watercolour prints with a decent range of sizes (RBX have a plus size range) and well priced accessories like yoga bands and water bottles.


They also have a pair of blue lycra leggings called ‘vortex’ with blue flames that remind me of Blades of Glory (it’s a sweet burn) which also wins points with me.



Zella have a great mix of prints, lace up ankles, mesh (I like how the mesh panels go all the way around the leg, rather than just down the side or front) and I’d be pretty happy on my journey to and from the gym wearing one of their reversible jackets like this one.


Top to Toe

Oh and I forgot to mention that my old Nike trainers actually disintegrated on day one of the gym (I think they just collapsed, laughing) but seriously, the sole just crumbled off, presumably due to my sudden burst of enthusiasm after a (long) period of inactivity, so I’ve invested in a new pair of neon, leopard print Nike Distance Shield

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